Site Information

Information about the creation of this website and its contents.


This website was hand coded using Visual Studio Code.
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Git Repository

This website is also backed up on GitHub.
If you are interested in viewing the source code, click here.
I use GitKraken as my Git GUI.

The InvisaMage logo was created using Paint.NET
The design is based on a circuit board.

InvisaMage's Logo


Information about some of the libraries used on this site.


"The most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web."
Allows me to focus on the content rather than the headache of starting from scratch.
Check it out here.

Font Awesome

"The iconic font and CSS framework."
Includes tons of icons which have been implemented throughout this site.
Check it out here.


"A fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library."
Makes JavaScript much easier to use.
Check it out here.

jQuery Terminal

"jQuery plugin for Command Line applications. Automatic JSON-RPC, custom object or a function. History, Authentication, Bash Shortcuts. Tab completion."
Allows me to have a "Terminal" on my website which is fun yet functional.
Check it out here.


"Wraps IndexedDB, WebSQL, or localStorage using a simple but powerful API."
This makes storage and retrieval of Settings and Achievement data a breeze.
Check it out here.


"Beautiful dependency free notifications."
This makes notification implementation fast, fluid, and functional.
Check it out here.


"A JavaScript-driven snow effect that can be easily added to web pages."
See it in action by enabling it in the footer.
Check it out here.


These functions are coded in JavaScript and are used to make the website interactive.
Continue reading to learn more about their purpose and how you can use them.


The namePrompt function is located on the Homepage.
The purpose of this function is to display a more personal message on the Homepage.
This message welcomes the user to the website.
There are also a number of Easter eggs.
For example, type the name "Spock" or "Siri" into the message box.
You can even type "Mirth" and you'll receive a list of fun, comical, websites.


The Search function can be accessed at any time on the navigation bar.
To use this function, type what are you are looking for click this icon or press enter.
If the function can identify your term, you will be redirected to the appropriate page.
For example, type the word "home" and you will be redirected to the Homepage.


The Terminal function can be accessed by pressing the tilde (~) key on your keyboard.
Make sure the assets are loaded by doing Alt + ~ (this is done for bandwidth reasons).
Use the Terminal to change website settings and goof around.


How to effectively navigate through this website.

This is a link.
This is also a link but it's not as common.
Click it to go to its destination.
The destination could be within this website or it could lead to an external site.

This is a definition.
Hover over definitions to read the definition.
Note: Tooltips are disabled on touchscreen enabled devices

In the navigation bar, the page you are viewing will be a different color.


This website was tested on Mozilla Firefox and may not work correctly on other browsers.
This website has a few Easter eggs embedded into it. The hunt beings!


The Stats button , located on the navigation bar, displays information related to your system.
The "Support" row are select browsers which have been tested to some extent and work desirably.
This does not mean unlisted browsers do not work.
Hover over a browser logo to view more information.


The Achievements button , located on the navigation bar, displays your achievement progress.
The purpose of these is purely for entertainment.
You can reset them using the Stats button in the navigation bar.


The Settings button , located on the navigation bar, allows you to customize how this site functions and appears.
There are several options available such as background color, theme, default News tab, and more.