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Local Storage

Local Storage is used to save Settings and Achievement progress.
The Terminal function also uses it to save your input history.
This information is stored on your computer for future use.
It makes the site more functional and allows for the site to remember your preferences.
If you wish to clear Local Storage for this site click here.
This can be done from the Stats modal as well.


This website will not give any personal information to third party organizations.
This website may use collected information, which the user willing provides, to help improve this website (such as questionnaires).
No input from the namePrompt or the Search function is logged.

This website keeps a log of requests.
Your IP address, date requested, and the requested file is logged but it's not publicly accessible.
This information is not public, however, the number of requests is public in the Stats modal.


The only information collected, as stated above, is IPs from the server log.
This log is not set to be deleted after a specific period of time.
If you contact me and request a specific IP address to be removed (preferably your own), I shall do so in a reasonable amount of time.


The Privacy Policy may be updated.